Ars Domini

Art & Interior Design

about us

ArsDomini is a project that began as a prestigious showcase for the creations of the master Sciacca Machiavelli, whose skill and appreciated expertise born of artistic experiences lived closely with craftsmen specialize in making elegant pieces of furniture, original and futuristic. The master Sciacca Machiavelli is constantly looking for new materials to be molded and transformed into objects prestigious harmonious lines, soft, accurate, romantic, classical, precious; paying attention to the originality of the materials. Everything is designed with the utmost care and attention to small details so that they can become the top of the design objects.

The visionary genius of the master has also contributed to the creation of luxury architectural design. From His imagination was born the most varied architectural creations, such as living rooms bathroom, cottages, spas, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, etc. Every little detail that amazes and leaves a tangible sign that makes creating a unique emotional work of art unique.