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The lamp with Japanese scallops

The lamp with Japanese scallops is made up of two wonderful and rare Japanese scallops topped by two very special branches of facsimile red coral embedded in glassy black cristal with coral sand ostrea

Product : on request

The lamp with the fishnet of shells

Table lamp with rare and valuable tropical shells. The shells are applied on top of the shade and kept by a fishing net.

Product : on request

The Illuminati’s Gold Disc

The Gold Disc of the Illuminati is composed of an hand-painted and treated polyurethane support.

Product : on request

The lamp “a world of shells”

The lamp “A world of shells” consisting of dozens of rare tropical shells. They form a perfect sphere on a glassy crystal black stepped base.

Product : on request

The modern stylized floor lamp

The stylized modern floor lamp constituted by four of brushed stainless steel mirrored bent tubes and welded creating a particular movement.

Product : on request

The women’s boot lamp

Woman boot Lamp suitable for fancy and trendy interiors constituted by a pierced women boot with Energy-saving cold illuminations.

Product : on request

The strombus shell lamp with light orange

Strombus shell table lamp emitting orange soft light, constituted by black glossy glass stepped base creates a unique and special atmosphere. Italian luxury art design.

Product : on request

The strombus shell lamp with pink light

Strombus shell table with soft pink light. This shell species is extincted constituited by glossy black glass stepped base creates unique and special atmosphere. I

Product : on request

The acrobats three circles floor lamp

Floor lamp with triple circe made of LED, anthracite stainless steel stem and Welded together on an Carrara marble plain. Suitable for any envyronment.

Product : on request

The floor lamp with creeper coral

The Floor lamp is made of a stainless steel polished tube on which stands a sensual and captivating black / gold / silver antique leg on which climbs a majestic black / red coral.

Product : on request

The Earth skylight lamp

Ancient skylight lamp on carved wooden base treated with aged-looking gold / silver French leaf antique.

Product : on request

The diamond jellyfish

The jellyfish table lamp, constituted by hundreds of glassy prisms welded together on a cup and five glowing enveloping tentacles giving a particular luster to the entire piece.

Product : on request

The Zeus’ lightning lamp

The Zeus’ lightning table lamp constituited by hundreds of glassy prisms welded together on a glossy black glass stepped base. remote controlled LED colours.

Product : on request

The giza lamp with three pyramids

The three pyramids, lamp constituited by three small pyramids,one the top held by four arms that for the second one, joining the center plate and forming the third one.

Product : on request